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Lower Leg Braces

Lower Leg Braces

Lower Leg Braces

Lower leg injuries occur in many sports and with running. The constant pounding of running, jumping, and contact from opponents and objects in sports can create pain and problems in the muscles and bones of the lower leg. Many common injuries to the calf, shins, and Achilles tendon can be treated with supports, sleeves, and orthopedic wraps. Shin splint pain may be alleviated with a neoprene shin splints compression wrap. A calf sleeve is a popular treatment recommendation by many sports medicine professionals treating calf tightness, strains, or bruises. A neoprene sleeve for the calf helps alleviate pain and encourages faster healing by providing warmth and compression to support the injured muscles and bones. A leg brace is often used to splint and protect stress fractures and minor breaks to the tibia and fibula bones. Finally, Achilles straps and supports can help in the recovery of Achilles tendonitis or an Achilles tendon strain. Check out our selection of lower leg, calve, shin, and Achilles supports below. If you are looking for a specific product that you do not see in our online catalog, just use the 'contact' form and we will try and special order the item just for you.