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Comffit Elevators Shaped Heel Lifts

Comffit Heel Lift Sizing Chart:

The Comffit Heel Lift is available in 4 widths (Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large) and 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm heights (so you might order, for example, a '6mm Medium'). The width of the product corresponds to the width of the heel pocket (inside) of the shoe, not the size of the shoe. To determine the best fit for a heel lift measure the inside back of your shoe. A correctly sized lift will fit closely or be slightly larger than, the width of the heel portion of your shoe. SOLD IN PAIRS.

(54mm width)
Up to Women's 7.5
Men's 6
Smaller Women and Children
(59mm width)
Women's 8 to 10
Men's 6 to 8.5
Average Women and Small Men
(63mm width)
Women's 10.5 to 12.5
Men 9 to 11.5
Larger Women and Average Men
(68mm width)
Men's 12+ Larger Men

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